Maxsharer 3Pair White Color Stripe Anti Static Esd Cleanroom Gloves for Computer/electronic/working/repairing (Small)


    • Good esd feature, surface resistance: 10E7 to 10E9
    • Made of breathable polyester material with conductive carbon yarn
    • Small,Medium,Extra Large size fits men and women comfortably
    • Double sides are made of Esd 10mm polyester fabric.
    • Package Content : 3 Pair x Anti-static Gloves

    Product Detail

    Product Description

    Anti-Static Gloves are worn by computer enthusiasts and field technicians to prevent damaging static discharge while working on static-sensitive equipment. Made of breathable polyester material, these White Anti Static Gloves are work continuously, discharging static harmlessly. These Electric Working Gloves can be used in different environments such as the laboratory, electronics and semiconductor industries.Maxsharer is a professional factory of Esd and cleanroom products. Buy this gloves today to protect your expensive computer and electronic element.

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