JSN-ETN 907 Adjustable Constant Temperature Electric Welding Soldering Iron Tool Lead-free 220V 60W With Desoldering Pump

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  • Lead-free long-life tip configuration, safe and reliable grounding device.
  • Particular stable welding temperature, the power of the heating element strong.
  • Eco-friendly ways of working, power consumption 50% lower than the average iron.
  • Ultrafast heating features, speed and temperature compensation of the regenerator.
  • 2 Piece in the Package

Product Detail

Product Description

907 Constant Temperature Electric Soldering Iron Lead-free
Internal Heating 220V 60W
Model: 907
Output Power: 60W
Output Temperature: 200° C - 450 ° C
Input Voltage: 220V
Insulation Resistance: 100MΩ
Length: 240mm
Color: Transparent

1. We will send you a plug adapter according to your country.
2. Please pay attention to the working voltage: 220V. Do not supply more than or less than 220V working power.

Desoldering Pump
Light weight, portable and compact
High suction power
Ideal for electrical board repairing

Change tips simply by turning tips counter clock wise
Clean the cylinder occasionally
Helps you complete the task quickly and safely
When the solder melts, push the release button and a
retracting plunger creates a strong vacuum at the tip,
removing the melted solder

Material : plastic and alloy
Length : 195mm

Package Included:
1x Electric Soldering Iron
1 x Solder Sucker

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